Look if you're in the area and you don't stop by here you are plain missing the best thing in New Iberia. My girlfriend and I thought it was extremely sketch when we first pulled up after seeing it in the local travel magazine, but once we hashed it out for a minute we went in. THANK GOD WE DID! Seriously my new favorite restaurant since I moved to the area.


I had a shrimp poboy. It was awesome. Great service.


The shrimp poboy was awesome and huge, everyone who likes shrimp should go and try Bon Creole


Big portions, friendly staff, and good food!


We lucked into finding this place and thoroughly enjoyed the gumbo. It isn't an OMG gumbo, but it is a perfectly serviceable one and tasty enough. We also had the pleasure of talking to a couple of local guys who gave us a list of their meat market preferences in several towns, for boudin and sausage. It was a fun place.


Poboys are overstuffed and most excellent, very reasonably priced.


If I could give it more than 5 stars I would. Generous portions. Hubby ate 3 times on a whole shrimp poboy ? mutual was totally Cajun culture


Don't be fooled by external appearance. Food is awesome ?. Recommended!


Great seafood every time no fails!!!!


Like another reviewer said, if I could give this place 6 stars, it deserves it! My dad and I shared the best and biggest shrimp po'boy we've ever tried. The bread is perfect, the shrimp is fresh and the remoulade brings it all together in blissful bites of pure cajun heaven. Despite being completely full after that po'boy we had to try the roast beef version, as well, which was also spot on. The people of New Iberia are fortunate!


First timer..had seafood gumbo and a crawfish poboy. The crawfish had quite a bit of flavor and the poboy was loaded with them. The seafood gumbo was very good as well. No fine dining here, just good food in an extremely casual environment. I was a staunch Old Tyme Grocery fan, but, I have to say, Bon Creole might just be better!


Excellent oyster and shrimp po boy. Great gumbo! People were so friendly and helpful! Don't go anywhere else!


Drab windowless building, easily overlooked, no clue to the excellent food you'll find on the cafeteria tables inside. I came here on the Tabasco tasting tour, and we had samples of gumbo: chicken/sausage and seafood. Both excellent, lighter and tastier than the burnt-tasting gumbos you get at Creole restaurants in New Orleans. I liked the seafood version best.


Great plate lunch place. Interior is a bit kitschy with stuffed animals and fish, nutria traps, etc... but service was great and the place was very busy. Our food arrived fast considering the volume of customers. My friend and I had the fried pork chop which was truly fantastic. Thanks!

Lafayette Foodie

Good and plenty. We happened to be in New Iberia around lunch time and I had always heard good things about Bon Creole so I got my husband to take us there. Our kids were a little nervous when they saw the building but we assured them it was a restaurant. I got the crawfish platter which was huge. The crawfish were well seasoned and HOT when they arrived and they tasted delicious. My husband had the catfish platter and it too had a lot of food for the price and was equally wonderful. My son's gumbo was terrific and even my picky daughter liked her hamburger. A simple down home place with wonderful food and friendly people. A definite must try!!!


Chicken and sausage gumbo. We are primarily seafood eaters, and I was most excited to try Bon Creole's crawfish poboy. We also wanted gumbo, and the order-taker recommended the chicken and sausage gumbo. That's a choice we'd never have made on our own.

The poboy was quite good, but the gumbo --- oh my! Probably the best we've ever had in our many trips to Louisiana (and better than the shrimp/andouille one I make myself, no doubt due to their superior roux). It was so delicious that we bought two additional servings to take to our vacation rental for dinner that night.

Greensboro Foodie